It's All About Dignity and Equality

While the Affordable Care Act has helped millions get health insurance coverage, the inequality of healthcare in America is stunning. From access to treatment to health outcomes, the disparity affecting people of color and the poor is a disgrace.

What About Healthcare for Non-Citizen Immigrants?

Labor United for Universal Healthcare strongly believes that everyone in the United States must have access to secure, sustainable, and just healthcare. That means everybody in, nobody out — no exceptions.

State of the Dream: Healthcare for Whom?

United for a Fair Economy’s eleventh annual MLK Day report explores the racial economic implications of one of the most important human rights issues and public policy debates of the day: healthcare.

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California Governor Hopefuls Debate Single Payer Healthcare
The top four Democrats running for California governor stood onstage for the first major candidate forum Sunday.

AFL-CIO: We Support Medicare for All

The Medical Bill Score

The Time Has Come

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Please encourage your union to request one of Labor United for Universal Healthcare's speakers. Our speakers are union member activists, trained and prepared with materials to give educational workshops on our healthcare system and the challenges the labor movement faces maintaining or winning quality healthcare for members.

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