Resources for SB 562

Below are links to PDFs of frequently-requested resources for SB 562. Not seeing what you're looking for, email us and we'll track it down!

For Labor: Guaranteed Healthcare for ALL! is an English-language 1/2 page flyer about what SB 562 means for organized labor; it also includes a partial list of unions that have signed on in support of SB 562 (a complete list is available here).

It's Time to Guarantee Healthcare for ALL Californians is an English- and Spanish-language 1/2 page flyer about the basics of SB 562.

What Is the Healthy California Act? is an English-language flyer that gives a general overview of SB 562.

SB 562 Questions and Answers is an English-language six page flyer that provides answers to many frequently asked questions about the Healthy California Act.

I <3 Guaranteed Healthcare Because... is a sign you can print, fill out, and share on social media (also great to take to events and get others involved).

Join the Fight for SB 562 is a signup form you can print and take with you to events to get folks to signup in support of the Healthy California Act and to be on the Healthy California campaign's mailing list.

Published May 10th, 2017

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