Record Attendance at Single Payer Conference

At the 2017 national Single Payer Conference, Labor United for Universal Healthcare Steering Committee member Elizabeth White facilitates a caucus on making sure that mental health is included in any single payer legislation.

We are sharing this piece from Healthcare-NOW! about the National Single Payer Conference that convened in January of this year.

With unprecedented attacks on healthcare access already underway, it’s clear that 2017 is going to bring exactly the fight Trump promised. But witnessing the incredible momentum of the single payer movement last weekend, and the diversity of people and organizations committed to the fight, gives us hope - the GOP will not have the last word on our healthcare! 

This Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, nearly 500 participants - including activists from not only the single payer movement, but also intersecting movements like housing first, undocumented rights, HIV/AIDs, and many others - convened in NYC to talk about how we leverage and support this broad coalition to restore and expand our rights. 

Nina Turner, one of the many stars on opening night's racial justice and health equity panel, kicked off the weekend with her fiery testimony:

The conference was bookended by two newsmaking rallies: one at Trump Tower (the NYTimes ran a picture of our activists!), and one at the charging bull on Wall Street. As activists return to their states with renewed energy and inspiration, we expect these demos are just the first of many more to come. 

Here's a sample of resources on the Conference Wiki:

Conference Strategy Questions 

Workshop: Winning a Building Movement - Moving from Tactical Coalitions to Strategic Partnerships

Plenary: Organizing at the Intersection of Healthcare and Racial Justice

We'll continue to update the wiki as more videos and notes come in.  

Thank you all for making NYC our most successful conference yet!

Published February 3rd, 2017

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