Disney's Squeezing Their Workers Yet Again

Only with a sustainable, secure, and just healthcare system can we find a solution to the “choices” workers are given at the bargaining table: stagnant wages, fewer benefits, more out-of-pocket costs…all while those profiting from our healthcare system make out like bandits!

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The Medical Bill Score
Our healthcare "system" is terribly broken for all but a few. Even for those who have insurance, cost sharing has grown five times faster than...

The Time Has Come

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Unions and Medicare for All: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Medicare For All Bill Introduced in U.S. Senate

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Please encourage your union to request one of Labor United for Universal Healthcare's speakers. Our speakers are union member activists, trained and prepared with materials to give educational workshops on our healthcare system and the challenges the labor movement faces maintaining or winning quality healthcare for members.

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