SB 562: It's Here!

The full language of SB 562, the Healthy California Act, was just released today. Talk to your union and co-workers about this critical legislation.

Take Action for H.R. 676

H.R. 676 – the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act – was introduced last night, January 24, 2017. Take action to support it now.

Healthcare is a Human Right

Supporting a sustainable, secure, and just healthcare system has never been more critical. We must finish the job and eliminate injustice in healthcare.

Recent News

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As the 6th largest economy, California needs to think boldly and look at what all major industrialized nations do.

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SB 562: It's Here!

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Guaranteed Healthcare for All in California

About Our Speakers Program

Please encourage your union to request one of Labor United for Universal Healthcare's speakers. Our speakers are union member activists, trained and prepared with materials to give educational workshops on our healthcare system and the challenges the labor movement faces maintaining or winning quality healthcare for members.

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