Labor Campaign for Single Payer National Strategy Conference

On January 11, 2013, the Labor Campaign for Single Payer will convene a National Strategy Conference at the O’Hare Embassy Suites Hotel in Chicago, Illinois. Leaders of unions and other labor organizations who believe that the fight for health care justice must continue are invited to attend or send representatives to this important meeting.

Screening of "The Waiting Room"

The Waiting Room, directed by Peter Nicks is a character-driven documentary film that goes behind the doors of a large public hospital struggling to care for a community of largely uninsured patients.

Support Grocery Workers

Rally with grocery workers. Don’t let Vons, Albertsons and Ralphs turn middle class jobs into Wal Mart jobs.

Join Nurses at Centinela Hospital

Nurses at the Centinela Hospital are facing a proposal by their employer that would virtually take away their healthcare benefits and only cover services received at the employer’s hospital regardless of where the nurses live, who (and where) their doctors are, and whether or not there are specialists or specific treatments available at their worksite.

Recent News

California Governor Hopefuls Debate Single Payer Healthcare
The top four Democrats running for California governor stood onstage for the first major candidate forum Sunday.

AFL-CIO: We Support Medicare for All

The Medical Bill Score

The Time Has Come

Join Labor United for Universal Healthcare

About Our Speakers Program

Please encourage your union to request one of Labor United for Universal Healthcare's speakers. Our speakers are union member activists, trained and prepared with materials to give educational workshops on our healthcare system and the challenges the labor movement faces maintaining or winning quality healthcare for members.

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