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Establishing a sustainable, secure, and just
healthcare system through education, mobilization,
and advocacy within the Labor Movement and beyond

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How to Pay for Retiree Coverage

How To Pay for Retiree Health Coverage California Healthline, Thursday, January 22, 2015 When he took office as California’s new treasurer this ...

Majority of Americans Support Single Payer Option

PLEASE HELP Vermont Green Mountain Care (Act 48)

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Healthcare Solidarity

Impact of the Affordable Care Act on the Working Poor
This article provides great insight into a few of the  shortfalls of the Affordable Care Act, especially on the working ...

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Let’s Talk About Healthcare – And We DON’T Mean the ACA
Deborah Burger, RN, co-president of the California Nurses Association and a leader in the healthcare justice movement, is lifting the ...

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State of the Dream 2014: Healthcare for Whom?
United for a Fair Economy has released a report on the enduring racial disparities in access to healthcare. As we ...

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